The marina has 15 piers equipped with 705 berths, connected to water and electricity supply, and enough room on land for servicing and maintenance of vessels.

Power connection 16 A, 32 A (single phase and three phase), 63 A – three-phase (the total of 850 connections)

Water connection 4-5 bars (the total of 270 connections)

Parking spaces for 700 cars

In each terminal box located on the pier, 19 m apart from one another, there are 6 electricity connections, one lighting fixture and 2 water taps. Feeder pillars are of the European standard. Marina Kornati stretches over 91,912 m2 of sea area (maritime zone) and 39,688 m2 of land area, and it consists of three maritime zones:

Central maritime zone (435)

Western maritime zone (190)

Southern maritime zone (80)

The marina entrance is 40 m wide, while the deepest spot - draft reaches up to 6.50 m. 

Sanitary facilities with showers can be found in each maritime zone. 

Piers are guarded 24 hours a day. 

Consumption of water and electricity is included in the anchoring price.