Boating in Biograd - ILIRIJA d.d. is a pioneer, Biograd na Moru the cradle of nautical tourism. Having recognized the exceptional potential of Biograd na Moru as a nautical town in the vicinity of Kornati archipelago, ILIRIJA d.d. built the first nautical harbor in Croatia back in 1974, the today’s hotel harbor called Kornati, from which the nautical tourism started to develop systematically along the Adriatic coast. It also procured the first own charter fleet of 40 ELAN vessels, thus rightfully assuming the title of a pioneer of nautical tourism and turning the town of Biograd into the cradle of nautical tourism.

Marina Kornati – nautical and regatta center of Northern Dalmatia

The hotel harbor Kornati became too small for all lovers of sea and nautical tourism over time and ILIRIJA d.d., recognizing the importance of nautical tourism in the development of the city of Biograd na Moru and its impact on the overall tourism results, expanded its capacity in 1985 by building a marina Kornati in the western part of town, with additional 450 berths.

With the total sea area (maritime zone) of 91 912 m2 and the land area of 39 688 m2, today's marina Kornati is certainly one of the largest nautical harbors in the Zadar County and the only real driver of nautical tourism development at Biograd Riviera which, thanks to the boating potentials of the city itself and the vision and courage of ILIRIJA d.d., enabled Biograd not only to become the yachting city, but also the center for development of nautical tourism.

The maritime zone annually hosts more than 40 domestic and international regattas of all classes and over 30 flotillas, which are attended by up to 10,000 sailors from around the world. Therefore, the marina Kornati and Biograd na Moru rightly and proudly deserve to wear the title of not only a nautical, but also a regatta center of Northern Dalmatia.

Marina Kornati – achieved development standards

Thanks to the investments into modern technical equipment, maintenance services and eco-systems, with special emphasis on the installation of washing plant, the construction of technological water purifier, and the construction of eco-warehouse, which is illustrative of the fact that marina Kornati has not only met the strictest international environmental standards, but also that environmental protection is one of its top priorities. The proof of this is the Blue Flag as a symbol of high standard in protection of sea and coastline awarded to this marina since 2004.

By expanding its services and increasing the capacity to the existing 805 berths, 70 out of which are onshore and 15 piers with water and electricity connections, allowing reception of vessels up to the maximum length of 23 meters, marina Kornati got listed among top 3 Croatian marinas.

Apart from its own maintenance zone in which the provided services include pulling out vessels up to 7 meters in width, travel lifts with the lifting capacity of 50t, 10t lifting capacity cranes, a 24-hour service of security guards, a secured and guarded parking lot with 700 parking spaces, and a newly redecorated Marina Kornati Restaurant with a tavern seating up to 370 people. There are some 30 external companies providing maintenance services within the marina, based on business arrangements with the marina Kornati, which ensures the provision of supreme services to all marina guests.

The importance for overall economic development of the city is reflected in the number of people employed in the marina and companies engaging in nautical activities within it, this number exceeding 150 people.

Marina Kornati - The leading charter destination on the Adriatic coast

Marina has retained its status of the leading charter center in Croatia with over 300 charter boats owned by 12 charter companies operating within the marina and selling the world's leading manufacturers’ vessels, in addition to their charter business.

Marina Kornati consists of three interconnected units:

The central part of Marina Kornati with 365 berths in the sea and 70 onshore, i.e. with the total of 435 berths; the western part of marina with 190 berths in the sea, and the southern part of marina with 80 berths. The marina entrance is 40 m wide, while the deepest spot - draft reaches up to 6.50 m.