The rules apply to boaters with vessels over 2.5 m in length with the power of the engine exceeding 5 kW.

The commander of the vessel entering Croatian territorial waters is obligated to take the shortest route to the nearest international port to go through Customs Control, and:

1. Have the crew and passenger lists certified,

2. Pay the fees,

3. Pay the sojourn tax for the vessel longer than five meters with a built-in bed

4. Report stay aboard the vessel.

The commander of the vessel brought to Croatia by land or moored in the port or at another location in Croatia, is obligated, prior to putting the vessel in use, to contact the nearest port authority and:

1. Pay the fees,

2. Pay the sojourn tax,

3. Report stay aboard the vessel.

Vignettes that served as proof of payment of all fees will no longer be issued.  

As of April 1, 2014 the safe navigation, light and marine information chart fees no longer apply and instead a single safe navigation and marine environment protection fee is introduced which will be charged by vessel length and engine power. 

The one-off amount of the sojourn tax for boaters with vessels longer than 5 meters and with a built-in bed depends on the length of the vessel and time of year.

The following original documents have to be aboard the vessel sailing in the Republic of Croatia and shown to an authorised person upon request:

1. Proof of safe navigation fee, light fee, marine information chart fee and sojourn tax if the vessel has a built-in bed

2. Proof of seaworthiness of the vessel

3. Proof of the commander’s permit to operate the vessel in accordance with state regulations of the flag under which the vessel is sailing, i.e. Croatian legislation

4. Proof of insurance cover

5. Proof of legal ownership or permission to use the vessel.

The information provided above is subject to change. For official maritime documents please contact Croatia’s port authorities or go to

Tel. +385 (0) 23 385 335
Fax. +385 (0) 23 385 335