The Mooring Rental Agreement is an agreement under which the vessel owner is granted permission to moor the vessel to a dock in the Marina or use its dry dock area, for a period of six months minimum.

The Marina assigns a permanent mooring to a vessel according to its type, length and beam, and under the Mooring Rental Agreement may move the vessel to a more suitable mooring.

All rates are based on the length and beam of the vessel.

The length is determined according to the "length overall" principle, regardless of the length in the licence/registration/certificate. The length is determined by Marina Kornati in the presence of the vessel owner or in the owner’s absence. 

Prior to signing the Mooring Rental Agreement, the vessel owner or authorized user has to submit copies of the following documents:

1.       Proof of legal ownership (sailing permit/registration document/certificate) or other document authorising the party to the Mooring Rental Agreement to use the vessel

2.       Insurance policy for the vessel

3.       Passport or ID card of the physical person using the vessel  

4.       Proof of sojourn tax/navigation tax payment  

Under the Mooring Rental Agreement the undersigned vessel owner is:

-          granted permission to moor the vessel,

-          granted use of the sanitary facilities in the Marina and its electricity (16A) and water, and secured a guarded mooring and parking for one car.

By concluding the Contract on use of berth in Marina Kornati, you realize the right on discount in some facilities of Ilirija d.d.:

-          accommodation in Hotel Ilirija****, Kornati*** , Adriatic***, Donat*** - 10%

-          services of Wellness & Beauty Centre Salvia  -15%

-          use of services of Tennis Centre “Ilirija”  -10%

-          A la carte restaurant: Marina Kornati, Camp Soline, Hotel Kornati, Hotel Ilirija, Hotel Adriatic and Restaurant Arsenal–Zadar  -10% .

-          FREE Internet – Marina Kornati