Marina Kornati pays special attention to the waste and its disposal and tries to manage waste well, thus reducing the volumes of waste. 

There are main waste disposal locations highlighted on the map of marina Kornati.

Servicing of vessels often results in waste that must be disposed of separately, such as motor oil, filters, batteries, etc. If you entrust the servicing of your vessel to qualified workshop personnel, they will ensure that all waste is properly disposed of. If you service your boat yourself, please place all hazardous waste in the designated containers. 

Constant concern for the environment requires special care for hazardous waste too, which is generated within the marina. Therefore, we have set up three stations for its collection. 

Please use them to dispose of:used oil of category I and II, waste oil filters, used motor oil, old batteries, waste oil cans, oily rags, poisoned packaging, technological sludge, empty paint and varnish packaging. 

If you need help with the disposal of these types of waste, feel free to ask for assistance at the reception of marina or from one of our employees. Our staff would be happy to help. 

For the cases of environmental incidents within the marina (e.g. fuel spills), the marina has a floating eco dam stopping the spread of contamination outside the marina waters. 

We invite you to help us keep our marina clean and tidy to the satisfaction of all users. 

Hazardous waste is collected by an authorized company Cian d.o.o., with which Ilirija d.d. has signed a Contract.