Zadar, one of the most beautiful old Dalmatian cities, a several-thousand-year-old city that has been the center of this part of the Adriatic coast since Roman times, is today a city with a rich cultural heritage found on every corner. 

Feel with us the always-cheerful atmosphere of this several-thousand-year-old city. We will visit the Roman Forum dating from the 1st century, the largest forum on the eastern Adriatic coast, the Church of St. Krševan, the patron saint of the city, the Church of St. Donat dating from the 9th century, one of the rare churches with a round ground-plan, the Romanesque Cathedral of St. Stošija, the most important religious building in the city, and the Church of St. Šime that preserves the gilded silver chest of St. Šime, one of the largest relics in Europe.

In 2005, the city was enriched by the Sea Organ, the only organ of that kind in the world. Nikola Bašić, the designer of this architectural wonder, won the Bernardo Bernardi Award in Barcelona for his work. If you get attracted by glittering, modern, famous-brand shops, we will gladly stop for a while, allowing you some free time.

If you crave for a break, we will stop at the nearby Arsenal Multimedia Center, one of Zadar’s public, cultural and entertainment centers offering events daily.

The excursion price includes:tourist bus ride, ticket to the Church of St. Donat, tour guide.

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