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Sojourn tax for boaters


Under the new Sojourn Tax Act, the owner or user of the vessel (yachtsmen) shall pay the sojourn tax for themselves and for all persons staying overnight on that vessel in the flat rate amount if the vessel is longer than 5 m with built-in bunks.

The paid flat rate amount covers the stay on board along the entire Croatian coast.
Yachtsmen can pay the flat rate amount of sojourn tax for different time periods at the Harbor Master’s Office or its branch office.

Yachtsmen paying the flat rate amount of sojourn tax for the first time shall be issued a vignette and  an invoice for a specific period of time; the second and every next time of payment only an invoice for the new period shall be issued.

The validity of vignette is unlimited for vessels of Croatian nationality or it is conditioned by a change of technical characteristics of vessels representing a prerequisite for payment of sojourn tax.
The vignette must be affixed to a visible place and the invoice proving the payment of sojourn tax must always be on board.

A charter company shall charge the sojourn tax to guests chartering a boat, in the port of departure, for the entire duration of the charter and for all persons on board.

The flat rate amount of sojourn tax is determined according to the length of vessel.

There is a table attached:

Vessel length
Time period
Amount in Croatian kuna
5 - 9 meters
up to 8 days150,00
up to 15 days300,00
up to 30 days400,00
up to 90 days600,00
up to 1 year1.000,00
9 - 12 meters
up to 8 days200,00
up to 15 days350,00
up to 30 days500,00
up to 90 days650,00
up to 1 year1.100,00
12 - 15 meters
up to 8 days300,00
up to 15 days400,00
up to 30 days600,00
up to 90 days750,00
up to 1 year1.300,00
15 - 20 meters
up to 8 days400,00
up to 15 days500,00
up to 30 days700,00
up to 90 days850,00
up to 1 year1.500,00
over 20 meters
up to 8 days600,00
up to 15 days800,00
up to 30 days1.000,00
up to 90 days1.300,00
up to 1 year1.700,00