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The first associations about Croatia made by all those who have visited it at least once are its gentle climate, the crystal clear sea, the wonderful beaches and well-preserved natural surroundings that are combined with a rich historical and cultural legacy, wide range of wine and food, and kind open-hearted hosts. Of course, this is only the first impression and just the beginning of the story about Croatia.

In every corner of Croatia, throughout the year, you can find a story which will present you the uniqueness of this Mediterranean country.

Geographical location

Located in the southeast of Europe, at the intersection of great cultures and civilizations, as well as different geographical and climate regions, Croatia is a European oasis of culture and natural diversity.

The beauty and richness of Croatia are in its diversity which is seen in the fact that, in a relatively small area, we encounter a wealth of different cultures, mentalities and dialects, climate, lifestyle, cuisine, cultural and historical heritage.

Basic information
  • Number of inhabitants:4.447.000
  • Size:56.542 km2
  • Population density:83 ppl/km2
  • State government:Multi-party parliamentary republic
  • Religion:Christians (89.7% Roman Catholics), Serbian orthodox church (2.9%), Muslims (2.1%), Atheists (2.1%), Non-believers (3.7%)
  • Capital:Zagreb
  • Currency:Kuna (1kn=100 lipa)
  • Official language:Croatian
  • Coast length:5.835 km
  • Number of islands:1.185
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