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Biograd Boat Show

Dates: 17th - 20th October 2019
 21st Biograd Boat Show 2019 - largest Central Europe's In-water Show

  • Opening Ceremony 17.10.2019 in marina Kornati West
  • Opening hours 10:00 h till 18:00 h
  • Ticketprice:40 kn

Biograd Boat Show is traditionally held in Marina Kornati in Biograd, one of the three largest marinas on the Adriatic which hosts over 50 regattas and events throughout the year. On those occasions, marina Kornati is visited by an enviable number of 50,000 boaters, which is a unique case on the Adriatic.


  • a good choice of time
  • three-day duration
  • excellent offer of accompanying programs by Ilirija d.d.
  • the hospitable, picturesque and royal city of Biograd
  • the best prices for exhibitors and visitors

The fair is recognizable by its particular, hospitable ambience of the coastal city with charm, Biograd. It is supplemented by the quality infrastructure of the organizer, Ilirija d.d., which includes marina Kornati, Ilirija hotels with their restaurants and the related amenities.

A bascule pontoon bridge connects the central part of marina Kornati with the western part, offering a unique and attractive exhibition experience.

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Boat Show experience

Every day of the fair, the sunset marks the end of exhibition and the start of evening program, announcing superb catering and entertainment program. These activities continue in the city center, near the marina, until the late hours. We call this the "Boat Show experience" and it resulted in an excellent reputation among business people, as well as numerous visitors who experience this event as a holiday.

As the owner of the mentioned facilities, Ilirija d.d. is able to create a superb Boat Show experience, while offering exhibitors and visitors the best prices for all services for a disproportionately higher value.

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