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Social responsibility

Systematically and actively through sponsorships and donations IlIRIJA d.d., recognizing the needs of society, supports, promotes and raises a number of projects aimed at improving and upgrading the quality of life as well as projects of broader significance for the community, clearly underlining and confirming our commitment and support to the development of Croatian sport, culture, education and science, and promoting socially responsible business.

As a socially responsible company we participate in many humanitarian projects assisting the work of various associations, institutions, sports clubs, correctional and educational institutions, cultural associations and individuals as part of our corporate culture, values, and accountability to the wider community.

In 2009 year. Ilirija donated over 1,800,000.00 kuna, and for humanitarian work in year 2008 and 2009  Rotary Club Split  and Foundation «The Drop for the Waterfall» awarded us recognition certificate “Touch of goodness”.

Donations and sponsorships in year 2010

Bratovština Sv. Roka Biograd na Moru
Opća bolnica Zadar
Sveučilište u Zadru
Srednja škola Biograd na Moru
Turistička zajednica Općine Sv. Filip i Jakov
Lovački savez Zadarske županije
Udruga „Žene s osmijehom“
UHDDR Sv. Filip i Jakov
Kickboxing klub Croatia
Nogometni klub Primorac

Donations and sponsorships in year 2009

Donations and sponsorships in year 2008